Call for submissions!


Art/Games is an experimental journal that focuses on the cross-over between contemporary art and video games, from the perspective of art theory.

It’s our belief that games are an art medium. They are complex, multi-faceted artistic objects enmeshed in a wider social and critical context – and there needs to be a space for writers, artists, game makers and academics to explore them as such. We’re looking for individuals to contribute to our first issue, which takes the idea of ‘beginnings’ as a jumping off point.


Art/Games wants to begin talking about games as art, art as games. But where should this dialogue begin? Do we look to new media theory, to ludology, to art history, or to personal experience? What vocabulary will we develop, what definitions will we establish, and what methodologies will we use? We don’t know, but we want to find out. So please join us in considering and reflecting on what ‘beginnings’ means for games as art, art as games, and how we might begin the discussion.

There are three categories to submit to. They are:

In Depth – A referenced essay or write up/overview of research (1500-3000)

Review – A review of a game/art show/conference/book (1000-2000)

Project – Documentation of art/game work, with a short write up (500-1000)

Submission deadline is January the 10th, 2016

If you are interested in contributing to Art/Games, please send
a completed proposal form to:


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